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The association

The Renaissance Château du Pailly Association was founded in 1998, in Haute-Marne. Thanks to public funds – the building is a state property – the association intends to liven up the chateau, make it more attractive and promote the Château du Pailly as well as its park. These actions encourage local development with a cultural approach.


  • Set up guided or free tours of the gardens for all (individual visitors, associative groups, school groups...).

  • Organize cultural events within the walls of the castle and the gardens.

  • Promote the castle and its gardens through the mediasocial networks.

  • Use the castle and the gardens for educational purposes.

  • Train volunteer guides to welcome the public and

  • Set up

How the association works

The association relies on more than a hundred active and supporting members. The Architect of the Buildings of France (ABF), the Regional Direction of the Cultural Affairs (D.R.A.C), the Prefect and a representative of the Departmental Council, of the Community of Communes of the Savoir-Faire and the mayor of the municipality.


To join the association

The association is looking for archives and testimonies relating to the history of the castle and the life of the inhabitants of the village (photos, postcards, letters, etc.). If you have such documents, we would be grateful if you could contact us.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

President: Laurence Durupt

Vicepresident: Boris Beluche

Treasurer: Jean Vautrin

Assistant Treasurer: Thérèse Fonty-Martin

Secretary: Agnès Thiery

Assistant Secretary: Marie-Chantal Moret

Other members: Nicole Péchiné, Michèle Oudot, François Joffrain, Nicole Rollin, Robert Thirion

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